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Hi! I'm Liz Martin, a Doctor of Physical Therapy. I'm also a wife, mama of these two little babes, currently pregnant with a baby boy (!), and owner of The Mama PT. I specialize in manual and orthopedic physical therapy, dry needling, pelvic health, pelvic floor dysfunction, Pilates-based rehab, and perinatal wellness. I'm holistically-minded, trauma-informed, and passionate about caring for women and moms throughout all phases of life.

**UPDATE** Currently on Maternity Leave! Though I am temporarily unable to take new patients, I am happy to direct you to someone who can help! If you are local to Virginia Beach, email me directly for recommendations. If you live outside VB, use as a starting point to finding a pelvic PT in your area. 

"I'm here to care for women and moms the way they care for others."

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**UPDATE** Currently on Maternity Leave. Expecting to return September 2023. 


The Mama PT is located in Virginia Beach, VA, within Restorative Therapy Co. at 1004 First Colonial Road, Suite 101. We are just one block south of Virginia Beach General Hospital. 


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 Current patients: use link below for scheduling and accessing your jane profile. Email for individual questions and a personalized plan.

Prospective patients: email for local pelvic floor pt recommendations. If you're not local to vb, check for Pelvic pts in your area!

In the meantime,
connect with me here:

I'll be in touch soon.

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